Shannon (peacetraveler22) wrote,

Как я бухала в Ярославле


The long road trip in Russia is now over. I just returned to Moscow this afternoon from Yaroslavl, where I finally met a Russian boyfriend, who spoke almost no English! :)) He came to our table, sat down, started petting my hair, blowing me kisses and trying to have a lot of conversation over coconut beer. Each trip, it's necessary to explore the local bars for one night, and one night only. It started at a basic pub, and then onward to a Soviet style kitchen, with a unique feature!

1. An old school telephone at the table. My hosts told me to dial a number and place an order to the kitchen. Ring, answer. Maybe they were just playing games with me. :) It was hard to tell after so many vodka shots.


2. Basically, Yaroslavl can be summed up in one photo. I'm usually getting drunk once a year, and it somehow always happens in Russia. It isn't necessary to touch alcohol again for a very long time. Thanks to Olga, Ilya, lovigin and macos for the local hospitality! And special thanks to Timur for showing me some sights in Yaroslavl.



Now I sit in Moscow for only a few hours, and will board the night train to Kazan this evening. This time, I'll travel third class, and maybe meet some interesting bunk mates. When I took the long train ride from Moscow to Adler last year for the Olympics, I was in a first class cabin, with someone I knew. Now, a solo adventure on Russian Railways. If I have readers in Kazan who have a car, and free time, please write in comments or send me a message. I really want to get out of city center and especially meet an authentic Tatar family who is willing to speak with me and be photographed. Of course, I need someone who can speak English and translate because my Russian is very, very bad!

In will be in Kazan all day Thursday and Friday. What is there to see and do, besides churches??

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