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How to Spot a Russian...


Over the weekend, I was sitting at my apartment pool, relaxing in the hot sun when I was disturbed by very loud voices. Immediately I could tell that it was some of the Russian residents living in my building. For me, it's easy to spot Russians in the crowd, perhaps because I spend so much time communicating with them in my personal life and in this blog. They most often talk in a very loud tone, which sounds aggressive to my English trained ears. Why is this? This is not only at my apartment, but also a perception based on numerous personal encounters with Russians in the USA, on airplanes and throughout Russia. It's not an insult, just an observation. :) The topic of the conversation can be extremely friendly, with a loved one or friend, yet still sound like an argument to me because I barely understand any Russian words when they are spoken by natives.

Other signs that the person at my pool is Russian - older women almost always wear bikinis, despite their physical shape or appearance. Very old, overweight females stuff themselves into these types of bathing suits, and it's fine. About someone else's appearance, I have no opinion or say, and if they're comfortable in this type of clothing, more power to these ladies! :) However, it's not so common for old women in the States to wear bikinis, I very rarely see it. Similarly, Russian and European men at my pool almost always wear Speedos, or tightly constricted swimming trunks. It doesn't matter that they have huge bellies, I suppose it's just a cultural difference in swimwear attire. Something like this...


Photo credit nemihail.

What do I think about this type of swimwear? Horror! :)) I strongly dislike Speedos, even on extremely attractive guys. I guess I prefer modesty, and leaving some things to the imagination. It's for this same reason that I have never worn a bikini, even when I was younger and in much better shape. These are the two simplest ways for me to spot Russians at my pool, and there are a lot of them living in my new apartment complex! Of course, there are certain Slavic facial features in both men and women that also make the determination easy. How about you? Is it easy for you to spot your fellow compatriots when you're in a foreign country? Can you easily spot Americans in Russia? I can almost never pick out fellow Americans in a big crowd overseas!


Jul. 23rd, 2015 06:34 am (UTC)
Да здравствуют плавки SPEEDO!
Этот пост явная провокация - 740 комментов. Значит тема волнует, задета гордость нации. Теперь эта Шеннон обобщит информацию, напечатает свой report под каким-нибудь броским заголовком в центральной газетенке с фотками и нашим мнением, станет известным знатоком русского менталитета, а мы ей предоставляем готовый материал. На самом деле обсуждать привычки нации - дело гнилое. Все немцы и австрийцы орут так на завтраке, просто караул. Сожрав свой завтрак, пожилой бюргер начинает усердно ковыряться в носу и сморкаться - твою мать, ты что не можешь подняться к себе или хотя бы выйти в коридор? Я это видела постоянно. Им наплеватьЭто вам не плавки Speedo, это рвотный порошок. Shannon you are an instigator in search of cheap fame. Да здравствуют плавки SPEEDO!
Jul. 23rd, 2015 03:24 pm (UTC)
Re: Да здравствуют плавки SPEEDO!
The post was not done for provocation! If you look at my blog, you will see that I am traveling to and writing about Russia all the time in this blog. The main focus of my journal is travel impressions from different countries. Sometimes they are good, sometimes they are bad. Not only for Russia, but for all countries I visit.


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