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Gifts for readers from Montana journey


I like the tradition of sending postcards to readers during my journeys, but in Montana I was not riding in tourist areas often, and there aren't many shops spread across this big State. In Yellowstone, I picked up this deck of cards which is quite interesting. Each card contains a unique fact about Montana. For instance, this card explains the significance of fly fishing in the region. "Montana is a popular destination for trout fishing since the 1930's and the Federation of Fly Fishers calls Montana home." Endless seeds of knowledge for you to absorb in this deck. :))

Who wants the prize? I have one other souvenir I can pass along to another reader as well. The winners will be the people who leave comment #50 and #85. Comments are all hidden from public view, so only I see them until the contest is over. You can participate from anywhere in the world. The U.S. Postal Service is quite reliable and efficient, so hopefully the cards will arrive, no matter where you live. I will update the post and disclose the winners tomorrow night at 21:00 Moscow time. I reserve the right to change the contest rules if there are not enough comments, and pick the winners at random. I'm a lawyer, remember, so I must express the rules of the contest clearly. :)) Удачи!

UPDATE: The winners are caramba_hola and ipgiss_07. Please send me a personal message in LJ with your full name and address, and I will mail the prizes next week. Thanks to all who wrote to say hello and for participating in the contest!


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