June 26th, 2013

Strange Collections


It all began around 3 a.m., when sudden thoughts about collections entered my mind. Since childhood I've suffered from horrible insomnia. My body is accustomed to minimal sleep because it has no other choice. Even when I'm exhausted it takes me at least one hour to fall asleep, followed by numerous awakenings throughout the night. The silence and boredom in the middle of the night sometimes opens the door for obsessive thinking. Neurosis starts to set in - why am I alone? Why is there no one in my bed to talk to or play with? When can I leave my job and pursue my dreams? Tears, tissues, loneliness. :)) Usually I read to occupy my mind, but even this has made me restless recently. So early this morning I started organizing my hat collection. In total I have about 50 hats, most of which were purchased abroad or at craft shows.Collapse )