November 4th, 2014

We Want YOU! - Military Recruitment Tactics


When I was in Moscow last October, I came across this poster on a street corner. I assume it's some type of military recruitment ad, but I'm not sure. Why does the soldier have a fake American smile? :) Everyone is so happy to serve in the Russian forces? It's always interesting to view posters of this sort around the globe. For instance, almost all classic American military recruitment ads have symbols of our flag woven into them, or at least the national colors red, white and blue. Yet I see no symbols of the flag of the Russian Federation, which shares the same red, white and blue colors, in this poster. I like the U.S. recruitment posters from the early days, before females could serve in active roles. Like this one, recruiting for the WAVES, an all-female branch of the U.S. Navy that was created in the early 1940's. WAVES women did mostly clerical work in the early days of inception. The program was short lived because women gained full status in the U.S. military in 1948. The woman in this poster is portrayed with full make-up, curled hair and extremely feminine.Collapse )