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Seasonal transitions

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Today the Earth laughs in flowers. - Emerson

Yesterday in Northern Virginia, we were given a great gift - the most beautiful, bright weather. Sunny, but even I liked it because there was still a slight coolness to the air. A peaceful walk in the park, new blooms rising from the dirt, teasing us... flirting with the wind. Soon these petals and the breeze will be engaged in a brilliant dance, and we will all bear the fruit of the romance with delightful scents. It's the only thing I love about summer.

And a perfect end to the afternoon when I came home and found this postcard from Latvia in the mailbox. I've been there, but never to Riga. Someday...:) Thanks very much to my reader who sent it to me! I complain often about trolls, but I have so many delightful, intelligent people here in my blog. I wish you all a pleasant day!

The post is just for inspiration, and to say hello. Comments are disabled. I often write short notes like this on Facebook. You can find me there, and on Instagram if you don't already follow me on these social media platforms. Cheers from the USA! :))

hesmile emotict's the simple things people. We lose sight of it so quickly. For me, today is a reminder. Have a pleasant weekend! :))


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