January 19th, 2015

Россия или Америка? - Contest Winner!


Thanks to all for participating in the contest! The abandoned, dilapidated home is located in Quincy, Kansas. The answer was disclosed to many of you when my travel companion macos included a photo of the house in his story today. I spanked him virtually for ruining my contest. :)) The winner is sov0k, the first person to mention Kansas very early in the comments. Please send me your mailing address, and I'll send you a prize. If you live in Russia, it should arrive in approximately two months based on past experience with Russian Post.

For comparison purposes, the bottom house in this photo is located in a small Russian village I visited during my first journey to the country. I don't notice many differences in the houses, except for snow on the ground and the size. However, readers as usual taught me a lot in the comments about the differences between American and Russian house construction. Such things I never notice, because I'm too busy paying attention to Russian people when I visit, not construction. :)

Tomorrow, I'll tell you a quick story about some American bear hunters I encountered in the Virginia mountains. Stay tuned...