February 1st, 2015

Float Plane Adventure in the Alaskan Wilderness


Alaska is amazing for many things, but one of the most important contributions it makes to America is its extreme dedication to preservation of the vast wilderness areas that encompass it. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the Tongass National Forest, located near the quaint town of Ketchikan. This was our first stop when we took the cruise back in August, and I decided to take my parents on a tiny float plane to explore the wondrous landscapes from above. The whole time, I imagined being on the ground, right in the middle of all these trees, getting lost in all the tiny paths, falling asleep to the sound of waterfalls, but it was not to be on this trip. After this journey, which was rushed to some extent due to a tight schedule, I made a promise to return to Alaska, to travel deeper into the wild and at my own pace...many adventures await! But today, let's take a quick look at the Misty Fjords National Monument and some of the most pristine wilderness in America....Collapse )