February 12th, 2015

Private v. Social Medicine


During a recent trip to rural Virginia, I came across this amusing skeleton. A funny insult to the Affordable Health Care Act, more commonly known as "Obama Care." Grammar Nazis - perhaps you'll be amused at the incorrect English on the skeleton's sign? :) And who said freedom of expression is dead in America? It's a favorite hobby of most Americans, and the American press, to constantly criticize Obama and our government policies. Absolutely no criticism of Putin, or his policies, by Russian press or his fellow politicians. Maybe it's there, and I just miss it? If so, please send me examples of articles in Russian press which criticize your fearless leader or his policies. I will be interested to read them...

Yes, my current President is considered a raging socialist by many Americans. I don't understand anything about socialized medicine in Russia, or even America's version of it. I haven't studied the provisions of Obama Care closely enough to comment on it, because it impacts me in absolutely no way. I've always had health insurance through my employer, as many Americans do. People dependent on Obama Care are those working part-time jobs where benefits aren't available, the self-employed and those without jobs or falling into lower income brackets. I'll try to write a post about how my insurance works in the future. In general, I have a $25 USD co-pay for almost all doctor's visits and procedures. As a single person, I contribute $90 per paycheck toward my health insurance payment, the rest is covered by my employer. This equals $180 each month. When I wasn't an attorney, I paid much less (on average only $20 or $30 per paycheck). Thus, the higher your income is, the more your employer will likely require you to contribute. Insurance charges soar if an employee wants to have their entire family covered under the policy, including a wife and multiple children. Usually, I can get an immediate appointment with my primary physician (even same day), and see a specialist within a week. I don't believe medicine/health care is really "free" in any country. The average person always pays somehow, through taxes or other avenues.Collapse )