February 16th, 2015

Kindred Spirit in South Carolina - Sleepless Button King


From early childhood, I've suffered from insomnia. Awake at all hours of the night, even when I feel completely exhausted. In the early days, I occupied my mind with imaginary tales, thoughts of places and people I'd someday visit and meet. As the years progressed and life became more complex, all this empty time in the middle of the night became problematic. It sometimes causes the mind to wander, to focus too much on trivial things, and to over analyze situations that aren't worthy of so much brain space. I suppose this is an inherent trait of all females, whether they have insomnia or not. :) Now, I mostly read in the middle of the night, watch the news or listen to music. Of course, if there is a man in my bed it's much better! Easy to roll over, cuddle, or entice. But this has not been the case for many years.

A man named Dalton Stevens found a more interesting way to keep his mind occupied, to deal with the dead space in the middle of the night and early morning hours when most of the humanity around him is sound at sleep. Today, I'll tell you the story of the "Button King," a kind and gentle soul living in a small South Carolina town.Collapse )



On 17 February 1973, a young woman named Judy entered a hospital in Manassas, Virginia and gave birth to me. She was only twenty years old at the time, and so many years have passed since then. I can hardly believe that I'm now 42! Each time I look at the year of my birth I'm in shock. :)) How can it be, when I still feel like a twenty year old at heart, and in spirit?

The past two years, I celebrated my birthday in Moscow, but this year I'll be warm and cozy in my apartment, looking at the white snow falling from the window. Mother nature delivered a snow storm to the Washington, DC area on my special day, and subzero temps for the past week. I guess it's good for a winter baby like me, to welcome a new year of life with snowflakes and my favorite temperatures. We can never know what life will bring us each year; however, there's always a certainty there will be ups and downs. Joys and sorrows. And I hope many adventures!Collapse )