February 19th, 2015

Cruising through Alaska - All Aboard the Celebrity Solstice!


I always equated the word "cruise" with boredom. Yet when the idea to take my parents on a surprise trip to Alaska arose, this seemed to be the perfect option. The main reason is that many Alaskan towns are accessible only via small plane or boat and, more importantly, most glaciers can't be seen from a car or highway. So, I did some research and settled on the cruise ship "Solstice," which is operated by the luxury cruise line Celebrity. Everything I imagined about a big cruise ship was true - endless amounts of delicious food, a lot of alcohol, a mostly older clientele and excellent service. The ship on which we traveled holds over 2,000 passengers, but much to my delight it never felt crowded. No long lines, no people shoving each other in walk ways. Just general peace, calm and amazing scenery and towns for seven days. Let's take a look!Collapse )