March 29th, 2015

Nadia - Village Farmer


In the Kostroma region I met with many villagers, but I'll always remember Nadia because she was different from the rest. First, she was younger than most of the other residents, who were typically pensioners. Second, she greeted me with hospitality that exceeded all expectations. Our car pulled up to the house, and out walked a pleasant, smiling woman carrying food. Sitting on the decorative cloth is fresh baked bread and dipping salt.

Nadia and I share many characteristics - a strong, independent and hard working woman. She doesn't sit around, waiting for a man to come along and rescue her, pay all her bills, or carry her off into the sunset. Each day, she rises early, goes out into the fields and engages in hard labor, with dirt under her finger nails to prove it. Nadia - a village farmer, the proud owner of many acres of farmland from which all of her family's material wealth and pride have arisen...Collapse )