May 14th, 2015

No Milk in the USA! Organic Shortage...


When the food sanctions were announced last year, many Russian bloggers ran to create scandalous headlines and photos showing empty shelves and the threat of inflated food prices. Now, it's my turn to show a small level of panic arising in the markets of the USA. I'm not good at creating yellow headlines for stories, it's simply not in my nature to have a hysterical or panicked mind, even for the sake of ratings. However, I've noticed these signs posted in a lot of local stores, warning that organic milk is running out. The demand in the American marketplace has far exceed the supply, for many reasons. As a result, markets can now charge a premium for this product, but there's a constant debate as to whether the benefits of this type of product outweigh the increased cost. "Organic"...sounds good and healthy, but what does it really mean?Collapse )

Физрук, Russian Humor and TV


Journeys to Russia are long and boring, particularly if you can't sleep on planes like me. From Washington, DC the nonstop flight is over ten hours, and with a connection the flight time is much longer. During the last trip on Aeroflot, I was completely amused by the Russian TV show called "Физрук." I watched at least nine episodes of this comedy, and became fascinated by the interaction between the characters. The female teachers are completely objectified and sexualized in a much more overt way than on American TV comedies. Slaps on the ass and sexual comments are the norm in this show, perhaps it's my perverse mind but I find the misadventures of these teachers and students captivating. Completely mindless entertainment, but the rare instance where I actually understand Russian humor and jokes. Mostly I like the main female character - Sasha. She's exactly like me in high school. Smart, shy, cute but chubby, and completely inadequate with men. Do you know this show? Please tell me some other Russian comedies similar to this, so I can expand my knowledge of Russian TV when I want an escape from depressing world news, which is what I usually watch at home. Btw, I've noticed that a lot of cursing goes on in this show, is it typical for Russian TV? In the U.S, certain words are prohibited by the Federal Communications Commission on network programming (but not cable) - "fuck," "shit" and others. The comedian George Carlin has a famous sketch about this called "Seven Dirty Words." In general, I think you can learn a lot about a culture by watching its movies and TV programming, though such scenes are always an exaggeration of real life.