May 18th, 2015

For Those in Search of Sweetness...Казанский музей чак-чака


I love the term "sweet" for its myriad of meanings. It can refer to almost every essential component of life - taste, smell, sound and the overall essence of a person or soul. During my visit to Kazan, I spent an afternoon in a "living" museum in which almost all applications of the term "sweet" are embodied in a single place - the Chak-Chak Musem.

Typically, I'm not a fan of museums, filled with artifacts or paintings, and plaque written descriptions explaining their significance. However, this museum is different because it's small, in a cozy home and almost everything contained within it has personal significance to the couple who developed and run the museum. Pictured here, Ravshana, holding a hand-carved spoon made by her husband's grandfather. She's a beautiful and vibrant woman, enthusiastic and eager to tell foreigners about native Tatar culture and ancient traditions...
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