May 21st, 2015

Ukraine Celebrates!


I just learned today is the "day of the shirt" in Ukraine, where the traditional embroidered clothing is celebrated. Many children go to school wearing the festive outfit, and I too remember these shirts fondly from my time in Kyiv. I even bought one back for my nephew, Aidan, after I returned from my journey in August 2011. I began to think about whether America has a "traditional" clothing item like this, which symbolizes the nation? I think the answer is no, because we're an immigrant country, where so many different cultures and styles are blended and celebrated. I guess Americans are mostly known for jeans, cowboy hats, baseball caps, and hoodies. :) Or maybe anything emblazoned with our famous stars and stripes, or red, white and blue logo. What do you think? Now, about Russia...Collapse )