June 4th, 2015

Open Vote for Next Journey!

A few years ago, I let readers pick my travel destination for a short summer journey. The options were Wyoming or Toronto, Canada. Wyoming won, and I spent a few days there traveling solo through the Grand Teton National Park. Amazing State, in which I'd really like to spend more time. It's necessary now to go on a short journey for mental sanity, and I'm torn between two routes. One alternative is to fly to Colorado, because I'm interested in visiting a marijuana cafe or store in the first U.S. State in which recreational use became legal. I want to better understand the rules, regulations and intricacies associated with marijuana sales and use in Colorado. The second option is to go back to my beloved Maine and try to arrange a meeting with Samantha Smith's mother, who still lives there. In addition, there are many cozy beach towns and villages in New England, which also bring me a lot of inner peace.

Which story/destination is more interesting to readers? Vote in the below poll. I have never been to Colorado, so recommendations on cities or places to visit would be most appreciated! Of course, if I have readers living in either Maine or Colorado, this is also useful to know. I will be pleased to meet in person, as always. :) The poll will remain open until Monday, and I'll announce the results next week.

This poll is closed.

Where Should I Go?

Get a Rocky Mountain High in Colorado
Pay Tribute to the Legacy of Samantha Smith in Cozy Maine