June 18th, 2015

Equality - A Dirty Word for Russians?


Sometimes it seems the term "equality" is a dirty word for Russians. I can say for instance that many people crawl into the comments of certain stories and accuse me of being a "feminist," simply because I haven't followed a traditional path in life. I don't subscribe to the formula that marriage + babies = happiness for women, although this is certainly true for many females. There are many factors to the equation, each individual is a unique being, and there will be different calculations throughout one's lifetime to reach the magical sum of "happiness." This appears to be a radical concept for a lot of Russians, who are programmed to see things only in black or white. I was reminded of this fact when someone recently described the content of my blog as being filled with "feminist bullshit." It's a strange comment and characterization of my blog, most likely written by a miserable, bitter person who is simply jealous that I have a lot of freedom, experiences and adventures in life. Envy is a very dangerous poison!Collapse )