June 23rd, 2015

Disgusting Side of LJ


Some bloggers consider themselves to be "celebrities," their whole content and personality change as they climb in the ratings. I've noticed it especially with male bloggers - some sense of superiority, stroking each other's cocks by promoting each other in posts. A few months ago, I began to watch my own rating and social capital, for a brief moment in time thinking it actually meant something, or that it was a sign of achievement to be more highly ranked. In reality, it takes absolutely no talent or creativity. The main formula for success nowadays is to write scandalous headlines, even when the corresponding text bears absolutely no relation to the title. Second, you need to crank out a lot of posts, writing one or two stories daily. With such mass production, it's very hard to maintain quality writing and text. Sadly, I've seen many good bloggers fall into this trap, with their content growing worse and worse, while their ratings climb higher.Collapse )