August 20th, 2015

Idiocy of U.S. Political Slogans

I absolutely hate politics, but as a trademark lawyer I pay close attention to the slogans of politicians, particularly now that the 2016 Presidential race is in full force. I don't know if you have live debates during Russian election cycles, but in the U.S. it's a big deal. We've already had one debate televised, over a year before the election. The participants were all from the Republican party, and I can't say there is any candidate I would support at this point in time. Typically, when the choice is finally narrowed to two Presidential candidates, we go to the polls and vote for the lesser of two evils. My primary concern is always social issues, not foreign policy or even economic matters. To me, it's most important, and I simply can't stand to watch debates where very conservative Republican party members start speaking about Jesus, faith and the topic of abortion. I 100% support freedom of religion, but am completely opposed to mixing Church and State. Now, let's look at the boring, non-creative slogans of some of the 2016 Presidential candidates. Of course, this is not the official slogan of Hillary, but it's eye-catching, huh? :)Collapse )

Will I Survive?

red bite

I now sit at my desk completely distracted and worried. On the day I left Maine last week, I awoke with a huge red bump on a certain part of my body. At first, I thought it was a bug bite or evil pimple. But this mass has continued to grow in the last five days, and the irritation and pain level also has risen. The redness has spread and it's clear something has amassed under my skin. It feels like a round, hard rock and is sensitive to the touch. It doesn't itch, but sharp nerve pains occasionally spread down my arm. It seems recently that I can't have a successful vacation without some medical consequence. Remember last year when I came back from Palestine and had a mysterious illness and skin rash? I suspected that it was from hugging and touching so many dirty children in the remote villages I visited. Doctors never determined what the bumps were, but they eventually faded over time. What do you think this current mysterious bump is? Will I survive? :)) I know everyone loves to run and provide advice and opinions on RuNet. Help me! :)