September 22nd, 2015

As Americans wipe their asses...

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Cult of personality. I believe it's a very dangerous thing, no matter the country. The further you travel into provincial Virginia, the greater the chances of seeing villages filled with rednecks, Confederate flags, and citizens who hate Obama for turning the USA into a socialist State. Yes, in America such people exist in multitudes, and there's no cult of personality for one particular leader. In the mountains of the Blue Ridge area, I entered a quaint antique shop and came across this roll of toilet paper, graced with Obama's face. A whole shelf full of them, for people who wish to wipe their asses with Obama's imprint. I frequently see posts here on LJ with all the patriotic t-shirts, even vending machines filled with shirts covered in Putin's portrait, slogans with glee over "our Crimea" and other hysteria. Who wears these items?Collapse )