September 28th, 2015

Good Russia


Where are the most well kept, colorful and orderly homes in Russia? I don't mean mansions or dachas, but ordinary houses that are the primary living space for the occupants. Over the weekend, I began to process a lot of photos from the last winter journey and it's difficult to pick the city with the most vibrant and charming homes. In recent posts, I've shown only a few depressing and grey towns from the last journey, namely, Vologda and Ivanovo. In the upcoming stories, you'll see the opposite. Vibrant life, cleaner roads, and beautiful winter landscapes that immediately delight the eyes. Why are some cities so clean and pleasant and others dirty and gloomy? Is it the residents that live there, the financial resources of the local administration, or something else? Each of these towns is dealing with the same weather conditions, the same snow and the same ice. Can you guess the town pictured here and in the photos after the cut?Collapse )