October 3rd, 2015

The best season...

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How can you possibly dislike autumn? In the air, there are sweet and fragrant smells of pumpkin, cinnamon and the trees and foliage in Virginia are a complete feast for the eyes. Vibrant colors of gold, orange and red dancing with the cool breeze on hanging limbs. It's my favorite season, the most romantic and human of all. Autumn reminds me of the human spirit - constantly changing colors, shedding layers, and sometimes stripped completely bare, as the leaves and trees at the end of November, right before the winter season arrives.

I love the blogger anton_petrus, who is one of the most amazing nature photographers on LiveJournal. Of course, his posts generate almost no comments. They never appear in the TOP, which is filled with nonsense and trash for the mindless. After all, what can you really say about beauty? However, sometimes it's necessary to respect it, to pay homage to the landscapes and peace that mother nature continually provides. I never grow bored of nature, it's there that you can truly reflect, be alone and silent, and understand and appreciate the depth of the world. One of my favorite movies is "American Beauty," and the disgruntled character Lester Burnham probably sums it up best:Collapse )