October 8th, 2015

Let's talk about Syria...


Today, a rare exception in the blog and a search for understanding - politics! I've been closely watching reports about the Russian airstrikes, mostly from RT, which is one of the most anti-Western, Kremlin controlled media outlets. Please explain to me why it's okay for Russia to drop bombs on Syria, but not the U.S.? Do you support this military action? Reading the headlines on RT is enough to make my head spin. Complete glory and hysteria erupting over the great and powerful Russia, everyday tons of posts praising the military action, yet never missing a chance to say something wild and derogatory about the U.S. or Europe in the process. Just a few examples:

-  "Less talk, more action! Russian jets destroy ISIS HQ's, tanks and munitions - all in 1 week!!"
-  "Russia destroys ISIS command, U.S. destroys hospital"
-  "The F-35 death trap!: Pentagon jet's ejection seat could snap pilot's neck"

Russian bombs will not kill innocent civilians? Impossible. I find it scary that Russian and U.S. fighter jets are flying in the same airspace - a disaster waiting to happen?

Last night, I asked one reader how Russians feel about this situation, and his response was interesting: "I'm personally glad because I always want to restore the glory of the Russian Empire and Soviet Union. I was born in a first-class country, a world power, a center of the world, and I cannot live and feel otherwise." How do you feel? From my perspective, all of this joy and enthusiasm over the Russian bombings is hypocritical, especially when so many people constantly climb into my comments shouting "Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan" over and over again, criticizing the U.S. for "dropping bombs" all over the world.

Please help me understand why so many Russians support this military action in Syria. I don't closely follow geopolitical relations, they're not of special interest to me, but it's a very interesting cultural dynamic to explore - the cult of war and militarism. Not in government, but among ordinary citizens of a nation.

I will read all your comments, but please be respectful to each other in the discussion.