October 17th, 2015

Russian animals...

In the life of this blog I've banned only one person. Today, the second. Everyone says to ignore, but I place the comment here to put the shameful idiocy of atlantis555 on public display:

"Dear american stupid cunt. Don't come to Russia anymore, okay? Better go to Harlem, fuck a couple niggers and picture us their problems. About our own problems we know enough. But. We know nothing about niggerish problems. Enlighten us.
You, as a descendant of slaveholders, shouldn't avoid these themes. They died on cotton fields for your careless future.
In short, don't touch Russia with your dirty hands, touch nigger bananas, ok?"

I say again that aggression, bullies and idiots exist in all spheres of the Internet, but why are animals like this much more widespread on RuNet?? For this person, there's no shame, probably he's stroking his dick or gets some sadistic pleasure in writing these words. Pity that such animals exist. They should be caged...