November 12th, 2015

Horrors in the Russian classroom!

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We all have mentors growing up, people who inspire us to do great things in life or those who instill a sense of profound knowledge and insight. They make us better and more intelligent humans, and can turn an otherwise directionless life and place it back on course. Growing up, I had several teachers who were mentors, and especially during university when I met a young professor who encouraged me to continue writing poetry and other creative works. So you can imagine my horror when I received an email from a beautiful young girl I met during my visit to Ples. She lives in the town of Volgorechensk, and is very studious, speaking almost perfect English, with a dream to study or visit abroad. Completely interested and open to the world outside of Russia. She began to tell me about the things her teacher tells her and other students in the classroom...Collapse )