December 9th, 2015

Best winter wonderland?


While most humans run toward the sea and bright sun in the winter months, I chase the frost and freezing temperatures. There's no season I love more than winter. To step outside each morning and have my nostrils slightly burn from the cold, to breathe crisp air and feel the slight shudder of my these moments I feel completely alive and human. What's more romantic than sitting by a cozy fire in a secluded log cabin, with ice-covered branches and the forest as your only companions? For me, almost nothing. I've never craved sunshine or bright light, even as a child. Perhaps I'm secretly a vampire. :)

Each winter, I take a big trip to celebrate my birthday in February. The past three years I've had great journeys in Russia, but now my three-year tourist visa is expired and I don't wish to go through the hassle or cost to renew it. It's time to explore another winter wonderland this February, but where?Collapse )