December 20th, 2015

How Santa makes dessert...


I can hardly imagine a life where I'm a suburban mom or wife, greeting my husband at the door in full make-up each evening in lingerie with an overflowing bosom, while the scent of a delicious dinner permeates the air. However, the holidays are all about fantasy and dreams, so I decided to role play over the weekend and turn into a seductive Santa for my imaginary spouse. :) There is one thing that is real about this scenario, and that is my love for cooking. I suppose if I ever live with a man again he will be very well fed and cared for when it comes to eating and home-cooked meals. Today, I'll show you how to make a holiday dessert called "lemon lush." I showed everyone a photo of this dish in my Thanksgiving post, and many people asked me for the recipe. So, let's get started...Collapse )