December 30th, 2015

С новым годом!


Olivier, vodka, Putin's speech, family, friends, so many days off from work...Happy New Year!! :) I will spend tomorrow in the woods, in a secluded cabin, away from humanity and the drunkards! For me, 2015 was boring, some form of discontent began to arise, and there was almost no international travel. Things started out well in February with another amazing adventure in Russia, and then it would be another seven months before I crossed the ocean for a short trip to Southern France, to spend time with one of my closest friends. The face of LJ continued to change to become more and more yellow, jaundice was rampant and it seems that the era of intelligent writing and interest in travel stories is now dead. But I will continue to write and share thoughts about my journeys, social issues and cultural perceptions. My favorite photo of the year?Collapse )