January 21st, 2016

How Americans prepare for a snowstorm...


We have some strange behaviors in the USA, and today I'll tell you about one of them. Anytime there's a possibility of snow, everyone runs to the grocery store and ransacks the shelves. It's as if they're preparing for the apocalypse. :) I can hardly imagine that each time it snows in Russia, people hurry to the store to buy food. This human behavior is a mystery to me, because the maximum amount of time you will ever be stuck in your home after a massive snow storm is probably three days, unless you live in some remote mountain region. Yet all Americans prepare for eternal starvation, and an ordinary visit to the grocery store turns into a trip to the zoo, with wild crowds and people all searching for one item - bread! I think it was Jesus who once said "man cannot live on bread alone," but apparently humanity didn't take this saying seriously. It doesn't matter if the prediction is only for a few snow flakes, or a massive blizzard, people will always buy bread first and if you go to the store in the evening, the bread shelves will be empty. Why? How many sandwiches can you really eat during a blizzard? :) What about meat?

When I posted this photo yesterday on Facebook, one of my Russian readers informed me that if you cut a loaf of bread into little pieces and dry them in the oven, you'll get a delicious snack which can be stored and eaten forever. Apparently some Russians do this when they feel hard times are coming:
сушат сухари. Besides bread, what else do you think Americans buy to prepare for a massive snowstorm?Collapse )