August 29th, 2018

Faces from Batumi - Georgia


Every day we are in motion, encountering a multitude of different faces on the street, metro, in markets and almost every corner of life. Yet it seems to me most humans walk around not noticing a damn thing about the people or things around them, living in their own personal bubble or cocoon of sorts. There is a truthful saying in my view - the eyes are useless, when the mind is blind.

I know you have seen dozens of reports from Batumi, Georgia, where many Russian tourists go to sit by the warm sea. During my time there I was not concerned with the water, but the local inhabitants. Today I will share some portraits of the locals I met there, including this couple who sat on a bench outside the apartment complex where I stayed. They did not speak one word of English, but language barriers are irrelevant when people flash such nice smiles and inviting eyes!Collapse )