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Testing...who is here?

Sometimes you write a post, and the words are like a huge echo. You have no idea where the words travel, who hears their tone, or in what country the human reading them is located. So, this post is just a short test to check blog traffic, and see who is still visiting LJ during the long holiday in Russia.

I can't imagine having so many days off in a row, as it is unheard of in the USA unless you are taking personal vacation. The country simply would not shut down for two weeks. I was off for too many days the past month because my office was empty, with no work to do. I almost went insane from idleness, but got to see some films in the cinema - the children's movie "Sing," "Passengers", and a very good and touching movie called "Manchester by the Sea." Plus, tons of old films on Netflix. :)

Who is here? :) Also, how many of you have heard of Dreamwidth.org? This is another blogging platform, with an interface similar to LJ. I am thinking about cross-posting there, as there is a mix of both Russian and English language blogs, in an effort to draw new readers and commentators to the blog. I want to continue to publish posts about my journey to the tiny gem called Georgia, but only if there are people to view the words and photos, to absorb the stories, and somehow find meaning, pleasure, or even aggravation in them.

Happy New Year dear readers! I hope 2017 is a good one...


Jan. 4th, 2017 01:42 pm (UTC)
Great! Many readers recently told me about Dreamwidth. The interface is compatible with LJ, and it seems there are a lot of overlapping readers from LJ and this platform. The advantage for me is that there are also a lot of English language blogs there, and my audience here on LJ is composed entirely of native Russian speakers. I love them, but diversity in opinion and thought is always welcome here! Plus, people will not yell at me for writing in my native language. :))


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