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Georgian/Russian border adventures!


Imagine driving through rugged mountain terrain, no other cars or humans around, and suddenly a big, macho Caucasian man greets you with guns hanging from his shoulders, and knives sticking out of most pockets. How would you react?

This scene from a Hollywood movie happened to me in Georgia, near the Russian border. I will try to tell you about this adventure next week, but I want to encourage people to look beyond the surface of humans. This brute of a man seemed so intimidating and scary at first, yet turned out to be a very huggable teddy bear. :) I think there is always something to first impressions, but everyone deserves at least a few minutes of your time to scratch the surface a bit, to see what is hidden beneath the exterior. I would not even think to ask a Russian official or officer for a photo, but in Georgia it is just a different environment, so snapping this photo with my protector was no problem. :)

Suddenly I have inspiration to write in the blog again. So, some new stories soon. Have a wonderful weekend!


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