Shannon (peacetraveler22) wrote,

Do you remember when?


In an old Soviet building in Yerevan, I met the owner of these tapes. Immediately I was transported back to youth, when I owned hundreds and hundreds of these cassettes. And here was a very kind, thoughtful and interesting man on the other side of the world collecting American rock n' roll for many, many decades. He still listens to these cassettes, not up to date with modern technologies or illegal downloads.

Music - it is always a common connector for those drawn to its rhythms, pulses and ability to transport to other dimensions. About my passion for this form of expression, I once dedicated a post which you can read here. Maybe you recognize some of the bands, or even owned the same cassettes back in the day? :)

Despite language barriers, Alexander wanted to discuss American music, everything from rock to jazz. He was confused about the lyrics of an English language song, and requested an explanation as to meaning. The particular song and lyrics are forgotten by me at this point, but it could be any song or line. The most amusing part about our time together is that he continually told me I looked like Janis Joplin. Probably it's the hair, or maybe just overall energy vibe. I don't know really, but a man is entitled to his impressions. :))


I will tell you more about Alexander and his mom in a separate post. In the meantime, maybe these tapes will draw out some positive and pleasant nostalgia for some of you. :)

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