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In the forest...

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She tiptoed gently into a world of wonder
Light, like a floating feather at first, always weary of false enchantment

The trees loomed above her and around, swallowing on all sides
Their dark barks like charcoal against the hidden sky
Clouds visible only in imagination due to the sheltering canopy of entangled branches, of leaves whispering in the summer breeze, echoing mysterious tales to all creatures in their path

Her blue eyes glittered, reflecting the small traces of light
Shadows twisted on the ground, like fairies dancing in the grass
Insects darted about, the buzzing distorting the atmosphere, reminding of dangers lurking

She still knew the sun hung in the sky, like a bright magic eye
Its rays touching the twisted path upon which she now walked freely, warming her toes, bringing life to the trees serving as her savior in this moment

Suddenly birds began tweeting from the branches, sweet harmonic noises permeated the air, their tiny breaths carrying the perfume of flowers directly to her trail, causing immediate intoxication

She felt herself in a deep romance with all sparks of life, bending to touch the Earth
As she stood, looking upward, a puff suddenly appeared through a crack
It was like a white knight, yearning to rescue and join the intimate affair
She still believes in fairy tales after all, though of a different kind
Always stepping forward into adventure
Preparing for the magic ride...destination unknown




My very belated birthday photo shoot! I share the photos only to show a different side of myself, which is rarely visible in my reports about travels and journeys.

I do not know why some people think women just shrivel up and die after a certain age. I suppose some do, but there is still too much light in the world, too many paths to tread, places and people to discover. I am not yet ready to crawl into a hole, and fade from existence at age 44.


I just returned from a week long journey to Canada, stopping in Niagra Falls and Toronto. I will try to write some reports in the coming days. I hope everyone is well! :))

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