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Balcony puzzle solved!

FullSizeRender (2)

The answer to yesterday's puzzle - Georgia! Some of you solved the puzzle very fast, but most were thrown off by the English language sign on the building. Your answers and logic were interesting to me, so thanks for participating in the game!

The photo of the balcony I showed yesterday was taken in Batumi, Georgia, one of the most popular tourist spots in the country. I will write a report about this place eventually, but it was my least favorite of all the cities I visited in Georgia. Where there are many foreign guests, Georgia does a decent job of having signs in both English and Russian. Kudos to officials for that, as they seem to understand the value of tourism and foreign dollars thrown into the local economy.

I look at the photo in this post, and am immediately transported back to this magical path. A gentle breeze rustled through the autumn leaves, the shades of red, gold and green dancing to create a sort of kaleidoscope impact. The scent of fresh-turned Earth permeated the air, and pure romance floated about. I wanted to reach and hug someone, grab a hand, but no one was there...:))

Just pure beauty! This pathway was quite nice and in good condition, which cannot always be said for Georgia. Many streets and walkways require utmost caution due to broken or uneven trails, missing or displaced cobblestones, and just general wear and tear of ancient cities.

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Wishing everyone a colorful and relaxing evening! :)


Jul. 21st, 2017 09:36 am (UTC)
We are well enough, thanks! But this summer is rather cold in the Eastern Europe. Fortunately we, especially in comparison with Saint-Petersburg, do have some really warm and hot days, but their number is much less than in previous years. Imagine, I haven't taken any sunbath on our balcony yet... )))


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