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Stranded in Vermont!


On Friday afternoon I decided to take a quick weekend trip to the farmland of Vermont. But now I'm stuck! I think I previously mentioned I used to work for the airlines before I became a lawyer. I still have a close friend who works at United Airlines and she lists me as a flight beneficiary. So I'm able to fly to lots of places almost free, but always standby. Today I tried to make a 5:30 a.m. flight back to DC but it was full. So I'll try again at 2 p.m. and hopefully make my way back to DC sometime today.

Vermont - pure beauty! It's one of my favorite States. Yesterday I visited an amazing place called Shelburne Farms where I met some interesting animals and people, like this cow named Rose. Maybe I'll write a report about it. Not sure? I suppose it could be boring to look at animals and cute kids petting them. But I love these farm animals. Sometimes more than humans. :)


And speaking of kids, in the U.S. today we celebrate Father's Day. Is this day recognized in Russia? When I visited in February there was a "man" holiday, but I didn't really understand what it was about. Being a good dad - one of the most important jobs on the planet! In honor of the special day here's an old photo from my childhood days. Dad and me on our family boat. He was probably fixing something or looking for a tool. :) A wonderful, compassionate and amazing father! One of the most patient people I've ever met.

So today I send special greetings to all of my readers who are fathers. If you want, please share a favorite memory about your father, photos of kids or dads, or anything related in the comments.

I'll probably take a break from the blog for a week or two, but I promise to return.

Good day to all!


Jun. 16th, 2013 05:48 pm (UTC)
There are different ways to give flowers. The 8th of March way is insulting. It is nothing to celebrate for the males. It is to be sorry for them for all the swinery they have been doing upon women. (I have nothing against pigs, I am as Jewish as the Pope of Rome, and even like pork)

I, on this day, kneel before the women and beg their pardon. The flowers may follow or not.

"Lost in Translation" is a very impressive thing of art. Worth watching.


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