Shannon (peacetraveler22) wrote,

Travel Announcement: Jackson Hole, Wyoming

photo (30)
Thanks to all who voted in the poll for my next journey! Wyoming won by six votes. I'm happy because it was my preferred destination. At the end of next week, I'll attempt to fly there on my United Airlines flight benefits. I will get on the flights only if there is stand-by space available. Please keep your fingers crossed, say an extra prayer, or heavily meditate for positive vibes and luck on my part.

I'll visit the area known as Jackson Hole, in the heart of America's Wild West. I plan on renting a car and driving around on my own, hopefully finding interesting things to write about and share with you. And this weekend I found a cowgirl hat, so I'm now fully prepared for the trip. :) If any readers have been to this area, or know of interesting things please share. Yeehaw!
Tags: america, travel announcement, wyoming
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