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Welcome to 2013!


Happy New Year! For me 2012 was great but a bit unsettling as I suddenly found myself bored and tired of sitting behind a desk all day doing legal work. Perhaps ten years is too long for me to stay in any profession as I'm constantly looking for new and interesting challenges. But there are bills to pay and sometimes it seems there are few escape options. I remain happy and smiley on most days, surrounded by constant love from family and friends. Family, to me, the most important thing in life and a constant source of joy and stability. I've met many interesting people this year from all over the world. For this I'm grateful as cultural exploration is my main passion in life.

This past weekend I had a wonderful trip through Maine and New Hampshire, filled with magical snowfalls and freezing temperatures. For me heaven and I will try to write a separate post at some point. With my recent trip to Vermont and now these states I quickly learned I love the New England area of America. It best suits my personality and outlook on life - simple is usually better. New England offers serenity, wonderful landscapes and true, kind people which are the pulse of America. I don't want to go through life surrounded by office buildings, sky scrapers and people focused only on money, power and outdoing everyone else. There is so much more to life than this.

I enter 2013 in a good place, very happy and optimistic about the future. Goals for the year are the same as always - to travel more and to have an open heart and mind along the way. Many pathways throughout the world, all open and just waiting to be walked upon. First trips in the new year will likely be to France and Russia.

Thanks to the few who take time to read my blog. I wish everyone much peace, happiness and many exciting journeys in the coming year. I'll leave you with one of my favorite passages from beloved author Ralph Waldo Emerson:

"The best part of every mind is not that which she knows, but that which hovers in gleams, suggestions, tantalizing, unpossessed, before her. Her firm recorded knowledge soon loses all interest for her. But this dancing chorus of thoughts and hopes is the quarry of her future, is her possibility..."
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