Shannon (peacetraveler22) wrote,

Starving in Russia!


Trips to Russia are always good for one thing - weight loss! I can't eat the food there. Sorry, I sometimes try but most Russian cuisine does not appeal to my palate. In St. Petersburg, I came across these strange dried fish in a liquor store. I don't understand how you eat them as a take-away snack? The eyeballs are still there! I'm not the only one confused by this treat. Look here. :)

1.  Lunch on flight from Sochi to Moscow. I don't like fatty meat or tomatoes, so most of this was inedible but the chocolate bars were great! A lot of tomatoes in Russia! In America they're also common, but aren't served as frequently. Readers recently informed me about the significance of baby Alenka on the bar. Cool history for this Soviet candy.


2. Another lunch in Sochi. Some type of salad covered in mayo, basic greens and odd meats I couldn't identify. I ate two plates of the desserts, which were awesome.


Basically each time I travel in Russia I eat only fruit, cheese, yogurt, vegetables and a lot of sweets/candies. I think yogurt is even better and creamier in Russia. Every time I return to America, I immediately go to my favorite steak house for a huge meal and gladly devour my native food. Savoring every bite! My Russian friend just returned to Washington, DC for his annual holiday visit. Complaining about the collapse of the ruble, lack of delicious foreign cheeses as a result of sanctions....but certainly there's still a lot of good food in Russia for natives to enjoy. Right?

What's your favorite Russian snack? I love these delicious cheese bars! :)


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