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Travel Announcement: To Israel!


Sometimes opportunities arise when you least expect them. It happened to me recently when a new travel company asked me to visit Israel and participate in a test tour. I pay only airfare - everything else from luxury hotel accommodations to food are covered by the organizer. Israel isn't a country to which I previously envisioned traveling, but how can I resist such an opportunity? It gives me a chance to explore an entirely new region of the world. The schedule will be out of my control to some extent, but the organizers will work with participants to visit areas of interest. I know for certain that we will be in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Bethlehem. I don't know if we will go further into Palestine, but I hope so.

Of course, the primary tourist attractions in Israel are religious sites but they're of no interest to me. What else can I see/do in these cities? Where can I find the most dramatic desert or scenic landscapes? Interesting people or markets? I want to make the drive to Ramon Crater, and am curious about the bedouin village/school in Khan al-Alhmar after reading this report. Has anyone been there? Please leave any suggestions about interesting places or people in comments. If anyone knows local English speakers in these cities who may be willing to answer questions and/or act as a guide, please let me know. I'd also be grateful if you could throw links to interesting photo reports from other LJ bloggers who have traveled in the region.

Thanks, in advance, for the help! I depart next Sunday, and will be sure to share photos and impressions of my journey.


Apr. 4th, 2014 01:43 pm (UTC)
I know the West Bank is the heart of the tension, however I thought the discord between Arabs/Jews extended outside this zone. If you tell me they are living hand in hand in peace throughout the rest of Israel, then good. I hope it to be true. I'll see when I visit. You don't like America's foreign policy? Welcome to the club! Neither do most Americans. However, I don't write about politics in this blog. It's a lose/lose situation for a blogger in the .RuNet sphere. Almost impossible to have a civil discussion w/out troll infections.
Apr. 4th, 2014 03:04 pm (UTC)
I don't want to this club because as I can see it America is being mostly criticized for excessive activity on the world stage and for being too much agressive. I don't believe this is the case. On countrary I believe that this is the myth created and constantly supported by corrupt opressive governments around the globe who see storng America as a threat for themself.

And for my unspeakable dissapointment I see that this propaganda works not olny in those countries where people have very limited sources of information but also in the US itself.

And same here with Israel. Arab countries which have no democracy no rule of law no nothing work day and night on demonizing Israel which is free and prosperous. And it also seems to me that some of their lies believed even in the US which is for now probably is the only real Israel's ally.


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