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A few days after Christmas, I took a drive to Maine to visit another New England State. The ride is about nine hours from DC, a manageable journey when shared with a pleasant companion. As a child my family went camping in Maine a few summers, but honestly I don't remember much about it. As a kid, I suppose I was more concerned with playing with my younger sister in the sand than taking in the beautiful scenery. Here's a nice lighthouse - shame on me I don't remember the name! Maine is known for these fixtures and over sixty lighthouses grace its captivating and rocky coastline.  

1. Another view of the lighthouse.

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2. This one I remember! Known as Cape Neddick or "Nubble" Lighthouse. No picture can capture the true beauty of this place. Water, rocks, magic everywhere.


3. Coastal views from same lighthouse. Very cold and windy during the visit, creating picturesque waves.

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4. I think I've mentioned before that all U.S. States have slogans. In my home State of Virginia, we use "Virginia is for Lovers" or "Live Passionately." Not so bad! In Maine, one of the slogans is "Vacationland." However, most vacationers come in the summer to enjoy all of the quaint beach towns and beaches. This shot was taken at Old Orchard Beach, located in York County Maine. Again, my parents tell me I was here running on the beaches as a kid but I simply have no recollection of it. I guess old age does that to you. Barely anyone in these areas in the dead of winter, but a few people brave enough to walk the beach in frigid temperatures.  


5. The day before our arrival over a foot of snow fell. So happy to see all of this white stuff everywhere! In summertime, I'm sure there's a fight to find a place on one of these benches to relax. On this day it would have required acrobatic skills to even reach it!


6. Even though there are few winter tourists in this beach town, locals still work hard to keep the pathways and areas clean for the few pedestrians brave enough to fight the cold. This old man very flirty and funny, playing a game with me as I tried to walk past. "Avoid the blowing snow" he said. Taunting me with his machine.

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7. Any beach area in the States will have piers and amusement parks. Old Orchard Beach is no exception. All rides shut down for winter. I don't know why as I would be happy to ride the carousel even in the cold.


8. My favorite part of any amusement park will always be the ferris wheel. My Russian friend informs me they are called "devil's wheels" there. I don't understand the negative reference as they are very sweet and romantic to me. I search them out in every city I visit and always try to ride.

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9. Hotel or condos right on the beach, with local shops underneath.

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"The Way Life Should Be" - another official slogan of Maine and I concur. It's full of beautiful scenery and natural landscapes, a slower pace of life and charming small towns. A common pattern for all of the New England States I've visited in the past few months and the reason why this area is now my favorite of all the places I've traveled in the U.S.  

Next time I will tell you about New Hampshire.

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