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In the end only kindness matters...

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Hi! I'm Shannon and travel and music are my passions. I love John Lennon's lyrics "imagine all the people sharing all the world." I'm a romantic optimist yet a realist so I understand that with all the chaos and intolerant minds on the planet this vision of the world is not possible. I go through life as a cheerful loner, a keen observer and with an open mind. I don't understand or relate to people who hate merely on the basis of ethnicity, religion, gender or sexual orientation. I treat everyone with respect until they give me a reason not to.

I'm interested in non-Western cultures and ways of thinking. Questions about America? Write me! I'm a lawyer by day but travel frequently, and at all other times I'm dreaming of some other place to be besides my desk. I love photography and have a fancy camera that I barely know how to use. Patience while I learn!

I try to respond to most comments and messages. I'm always interested in different or unique perspectives, but will not tolerate rudeness or harassment of others.

I'm open to working with Russian or foreign companies who wish to promote travel related services, or are interested in an American's perspective of their city, infrastructure or local culture. Although I write in English, all of my readers are Russian speakers. You can send proposals to me through LJ or my personal email shanrocks75@gmail.com. I'm eager, curious and very flexible! :)

Countries visited: Australia, China (Hong Kong), Thailand, England, Scotland, Wales, Belgium, France, Portugal, Netherlands, Ukraine, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Belarus, Israel/West Bank, Georgia, Armenia, Mexico, Italy, Croatia, Canada, St. Thomas, St. Maarten, and many States in America.

Welcome to my blog!

***Legal Notice: All written text and photos in this blog belong to Shannon McKeon and are subject to legal protection under the U.S. Copyright Act of 1976, and equivalent laws in foreign jurisdictions. Non-commercial use and republication of my stories is permissible, but please include the original link and note my authorship. If you wish to use any of my stories or photos for commercial purposes, please contact me via email at shanrocks75@gmail.com. Failure to do so may result in legal action.

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